About Us

Since 2015, Intovus has delivered high quality items at reasonable prices.Initially offering customers with refurbished items for sale, we have shown that high quality items will still retain most of it's look, feel, and functionality, even with normal usage.Upon growth, Intovus has started selling new items of high quality materials and internal workings to our customers. We strive to offer zero defect items. However, if a defect occurs, we will gladly provide our excellent customer service.We offer two types of options for all of our product offerings: (a) with a 1 year limited warranty (b) without warranty. We realized that some of our customer did not wish for warranty and would prefer a cheaper price. For this, we created this system to provide them with an cheaper alternative with the same high quality build.For all inquiries regarding defects, please contact us with your Order Information via our Contact Us page and we will reply back within 24 hours during normal business days.